Our Story

Andy HookIn 1991 I began Courtesy Cleaning Services to serve the Kentuckiana area with professional, affordable and dependable facility care. Noticing that the cleaning industry had some obvious gaps, I wanted to build a commercial service team that would provide excellence, trustworthiness and extremely satisfied customers. Our staff shares these values and are capable to produce the results our clients have depended on for many years. Our Story may be common to others, but our experience of building relationships with people that have lasted through the years sets us apart in our community.

—Andy Hook, President


 Why Choose Courtesy Cleaning?

    • Follow-up is our top priority. No matter how good the staff is in a given building, there are going to be problems. The question is: Will they fix the problems? We have proven that we can and will. We pride ourselves on being proactive and a partner to our clients.
    • We have a full-time floor care staff. To ensure we provide the most exceptional looking floors, we have excellent staff training on how strip or buff vinyl tile, and shampoo carpets. Our staff includes a crew that primarily takes care of all of our customer’s floors and carpets. This allows the cleaning people to concentrate on cleaning, and gives you the advantage of having a professional floor care staff take care of your floors and carpets.
    • We are fully insured. No worries with our professional cleaning company. You will receive an insurance certificate from our broker at about the same time that you receive a proposal. The certificate will indicate aggregate general liability coverage of $2 million, as well as bonding and worker’s comp.
    • Employees are fully screened. Employees are fully screened and drug tested for pre-employment for both your safety and ours.
    • We have far less employee turnover than anyone else in our market. Not only do we pay better, and have benefits, we try to give our staff multiple jobs, effectively making them full-time. These factors all contribute to a very low rate of turnover by industry standards, which translates into better, more consistent service for you.
    • Longevity and Looking to the future. We will not go out of business. At the end of this year, most janitorial services that are currently doing business will no longer be doing so. We are invested in being your source for commercial cleaning services.