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On any given day in Louisville, 1 in 25 hospitals records a case of a Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) acquired in a healthcare setting. Nearly 75 percent of these are deemed preventable. In totally, 722,000 patients in 2011 nationwide had at least one Healthcare Associated Infections.

Hospital Cleaning Services Louisville KYSince 2005, more than 30 states have begun requiring hospitals to release their infection rates. In turn, many consumers and patients are more concerned with hospital cleanliness and infection rates when choosing a hospital or healthcare provider.

As a leader in healthcare cleaning services in Louisville, KY, Courtesy’s programs ensure only the best practices that exceed even the toughest healthcare cleaning standards and regulations. All of our services meet all local, state, and federal standards.

Hospital Cleaning Services

From a small medical office to a full-service hospital, we can take care of all your cleaning needs. Our crews are trained, insured, and bonded to provide you with peace of mind so you can focus on your patients.

Medical Office Cleaning

Even if you don’t work in a hospital, we provide the best medical office cleaning in the industry. We come prepared to clean your offices from top to bottom, and we can take care of any unexpected spills of blood or bodily fluid that may occur in your practice.

Walk-in Clinics

Medical Office Cleaning Louisville KYWalk-in clinics are constantly receiving an influx of patients with contagious diseases. They are designed to care for a variety of patients. We are designed to clean up after all of them. Regular and thorough sanitizing is indispensable to protect both patients and health care professionals in a walk-in clinic.

Retirement Homes

The elderly often have compromised immune systems that are weaker than the general public. Therefore, it is important that retirees have a living space with a much higher standard of cleanliness, maintained on a regular basis by a professional cleaning company.

“In the 17 years that Andy and his company have worked for us at the hospital, he has provided dependable, competent help. In our business, we cannot afford to have cleaners who do not meet our standards.”

Steve Walker Director – Environmental Services, Floyd Memorial Hospital  – New Albany, IN

Bloodborne Pathogen Certified

Exposure to potentially hazardous blood is one of the most common ways that infections spread. We are certified in Bloodborne Pathogen cleaning and decontamination techniques including universal precautions to protect the public against infectious disease.

Universal Precautions

Bloodborne Pathogen Certified Cleaning CompanyThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the public health community recommends using “universal precautions” when cleaning up blood/body fluid spills. The concept of “universal precautions” assumes that all individuals are infected with blood-borne pathogens, and requires cleaning crews to avoid transfer of these pathogens by minimizing splashing and requiring the use of appropriate personal protective equipment, particularly disposable gloves, face shield, splash goggles, or pocket mask, to prevent contact.

Sanitation and disinfection is necessary for any medical or healthcare facility. To maintain a healthy environment to heal the sick and help the unwell, your business must be meticulously cleaned and sanitized by a professional crew.

Courtesy provides services in the Louisville, KY area for all these medical fields and more: Anesthesiologist, Audiologist, Cardiologist, Dentist, Dermatologists, Family Practice (General Practitioner), Endocrinologists, Epidemiologists, Gastroenterologists, Gynecologists, Internal Medicine Specialists, Neurologist, Obstetrician, Oncologist, Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor), Orthopedic Surgeons, ENT Specialists, Pediatricians, Physiologists, Plastic Surgeon, Podiatrists, Psychiatrists, Radiologists, Rheumatologsists, Urologists, Emergency Rooms, Immediate Care Centers, and Veterinarians.

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