School Cleaning Louisville, KY

Reading, writing, and arithmetic is only the beginning. We send our children to school assuming they are safe, healthy, and cared for.

Most parents and teachers agree a healthy learning environment is crucial, but budgets are tight and the public school system is constantly under intense scrutiny. We tackle both of these issues by providing professional custodial services in the Louisville, KY area that is both effective and budget friendly because our kids attend the same school yours do.

The Health of our Children

Children spend 7-8 hours each day at school learning, working, and playing and are, by nature, a high-risk age group. Relative to their body weight, children eat, drink, and breathe more than adults, which results in higher exposure to dust, germs, and bacteria. Only deep, professional school cleaning services can stand up to the dirt and germs naturally brought in by several hundred children each day.

Making School Cleaning Services Fit in the Budget

Sanitizing and disinfecting classrooms to keep germs away from students - Louisville, KYThe cost of salary and benefits for a full-time janitorial staff is often more expensive in the long run than professional custodial services. We work with locations from elementary to colleges providing custom packages that meet your needs and is within budget.

In addition to staffing costs, a cleaner school saves money by contributing to healthy students and staff. Asthma is the most common chronic illness for children, accounting for more lost days than any other health condition.

An institution can reduce the number of asthma attacks its student’s experience by maintaining a clean environment which also improves hygiene levels and can help to reduce the spread of illnesses. Strict cleanliness in the building reduces health issues, which in turn reduces the absenteeism rates that affect school funding.

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

The CDC outlines the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. These three areas of effective Louisville area school maintenance are not the same and are not interchangeable. Understanding this is key to a comprehensive cleaning program to protect our kids effectively.

Cleaning: Washing, and scrubbing remove dust, dirt, grime, and some germs from surfaces or objects. Thorough washing of surfaces lowers the number of germs, and makes it difficult to survive, but does not kill them.

It helps to reduce the risk of spreading infection and should be done on a continuous schedule especially on popular areas like bathrooms, cafeteria tables, desks, and computer equipment should be done more often, after each use if possible. This is the first step in creating a healthy environment.

Sanitizing: Sanitizing reduces germs on surfaces more effectively than cleaning, and eliminates the amount of germs to a relatively safe level. There may still be germs present, but they do not pose a risk to spreading infection because the numbers are so few.

Sanitizing is only done effectively through two methods: high heat, or a registered sanitizing product approved by the EPA. Sanitizing is always more effective when the surface is cleaned first and is required by regulation in food service areas and schools in Louisville, KY because of the influence of germs on children.

Disinfecting: Disinfecting instantly kills most germs on surfaces but does not leave a surface clean. Cleaning must be done first, followed by a disinfecting regimen. Disinfecting should be done specifically for targeted use areas and high-risk incidents.

  • Targeted Use Ares: These areas are those where transmitting an infectious disease is more likely such as bathrooms, medical rooms, or kitchens.
  • High-Risk Incidents: When an incident involves bodily fluids like vomit, feces, or blood, disinfecting is critical. These incidents can transmit contagious viruses and bacteria and following blood borne pathogens and disinfecting regimen is the most effective method of managing disease outbreaks.

For safety reasons, disinfecting should be done after normal school hours whenever possible. This protects students from the spread of germs and the use of disinfecting products.

Understanding how and when to properly clean, sanitize, or disinfect can help maintain a safe and healthy environment. Unfortunately, these key distinctions are often missed by overworked and underpaid janitorial staff. We provide professional cleaners who work around your schedule to protect our kids and give them a sanitized, healthy space to learn.

Providing a sanitized, fresh space for study sends a clear message to students that school is important. A comfortable workspace lets them know that they are valued, cared for, and safe. A cluttered classroom, dirty windows, or trash in the hallway sends a message to our kids that we don’t have time for them, or that resources are best spent elsewhere.

Louisville schools should always be a place children want to come, eager to learn and excited for the day. Keeping a clean space creates this positive experience by giving them something to be proud of, and a place where they can be secure.

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