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Keep your commercial kitchen spotless – Louisville, KYWould you be comfortable bringing all of your guests to the back of the house to watch their food being prepared? Are you prepared for an inspection without notice?

Restaurant cleaning should always be the number one priority in any food establishment. There is nothing more unappetizing than a sticky menu, dust on the tables, or a splatter on the floor.

From the moment your customers enter the door, your restaurant should feel like a spotless, welcoming and tasty environment. Front of house dirt and mess will immediately turn your customers off, but a back of the house mess can shut you down instantly.

As a Louisville restaurant owner, cleanliness is the most important and the biggest challenge of your kitchen. Maintaining a spotless kitchen impacts the quality, taste, and safety of each item on the menu. One mistake, mishandling, or cut corner resulting in contaminated food can put you out of business completely.

Day to Day Restaurant Cleaning

Lots of business means lots of cleaning. Day to day washing is part of running a kitchen. Maintaining a sanitary workspace ensures that your food looks and tastes perfect. Regular maintenance also keeps your equipment running longer, which lowers your maintenance costs and prevents costly downtimes.

Even if you have an adequate staff to divide up responsibilities, the day to day restaurant cleaning can seem overwhelming. Basic jobs that should be completed every day in any commercial kitchen include:

  • Clean fryers
  • Sanitize all surfaces
  • Brush/scour grills
  • Launder rags, aprons, chef’s coats.
  • Sanitize meat/cheese slicers
  • Cover and label food
  • Sweep and mop all floors (including the walk-ins)
  • Wipe down outside surfaces of ice machine
  • Clean grease traps
  • Clean hood filters in dishwasher
  • Replace tin foil liners of grill, range
  • Empty all trash and recyclables
  • Wash floor mats
  • Empty and clean steam tables
  • Sanitize sinks, faucets, soda guns
  • Dispose of grease and oil correctly
  • Wash the bar, tabletops, chairs and booths surface
  • Sanitize restrooms
  • Wipe down condiment dispensers
  • Check menus for cleanliness

When you consider the time, equipment, materials, and cost of restaurant cleaning products, it is often cost effective to hire commercial cleaning services rather than rely on your wait staff to complete the daily checklist. After a long day of waiting tables, sometimes regular employees are not qualified or dependable enough to ensure the restaurant is sanitary and spotless before the end of their shift.

Weekly and Monthly Services

In addition to the day to day cleaning required, Louisville restaurants of all sizes have upkeep that the everyday staff is likely unqualified to do. As a professional janitorial company, we take care of everything from surface level to deep cleaning to maintain your restaurant high above industry standards. Items that should be cleaned on a weekly and monthly schedule often include:

  • Empty, sanitize ice machine
  • Moving, cleaning underneath and behind equipment
  • Power washing dumpster area
  • Cleaning refrigeration coils
  • Wash and sanitize walls and ceiling
  • Dust blinds, ceiling fans, and décor
  • Cleaning the ovens
  • Clean coffee machines
  • Flush floor drains
  • Remove all grease build-up
  • Empty and clean freezers
  • Empty and sanitize coolers, refrigerators, and freezers
  • Clean table and chair legs
  • Wipe down baseboards

Too often, these tasks get left behind or put off too long because they are hard to fit into the regular routine of daily business. It takes additional time, staff, and equipment to get the job done.

For restaurant owners, it doubles your workload to oversee staff to make sure they do an adequate job in these areas. Our commercial cleaning services take care of all your kitchen maintenance so you can focus on handling the dinner rush.

Restaurant Health Code Regulation Adherence

In addition to pleasing your customers and serving delicious food, we understand your restaurant is also subject to the requirements of the health regulation board in Louisville, KY that requires a certain level of standards in order to stay in business.

Health inspectors will check every inch of your operation including the cleanliness of your food storage, prep areas, sinks, dishwashers, laundry methods, equipment, and even the condition of all areas outside of your kitchen.

Be ready no matter when the inspector arrives with regular adherence to a strict daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning regime provided by a commercial cleaner who keeps you on top of your game.

A commercial cleaning staff gives every inch of your kitchen the time and attention they need to shine. With specialized kitchen cleaning experience using the suitable detergents, degreasers and pressurized hot water and steam we make sure your kitchen looks, feels, and functions like new.

From top to bottom and every corner in between, we clean and sanitize your kitchen to ensure you are ready for any guest, event, or inspection that might come your way.

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