Retail Store Cleaning Louisville, KY

Although online shopping may have taken over, retail stores in Louisville, KY are still thriving because of customer desire to physically connect with products. Cleaning and maintenance create a safe and pleasurable shopping experience so your customers can enjoy their time perusing the space and considering their purchase.

You may have a shop with beautiful products and one-of-a-kind service, but an off-putting odor, messy space, or cluttered floor is off-putting to customers. Create a relaxing shopping experience with retail cleaning services that helps you show your best side.

How a Clean Store Can Make You More Money

A tidy, orderly shop keeps customers coming back - Louisville, KYSweeping the floor may not seem crucial to business, but cleaning services can actually help you make more money. A recent survey conducted by ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, showed that shopper value a clean store.
Ninety-five percent of shoppers said that unclean restrooms, odors, dirty floors, spills or stains, dirty shopping carts and other factors would influence shopping decisions.

Even online sales can be boosted by customers who have had a pleasant in-store experience. You may be surprised how a few everyday chores done right can have effects that you didn’t even consider.

Floors: Clean floors make your store more presentable and safer. From the entrance mat to the dressing rooms, the dirt and moisture tracked in on customer’s feet can destroy your floor and pose a potential slip and fall hazard. Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming ensures your customer’s safety and shows off your space.

Air Quality: The air in your retail space should have a fresh smell. Customers are less likely to take products home if they have a lingering odor. High air quality creates a healthier environment for you and your customers.

Restrooms/Dressing Rooms: The public side of your storefront should be beautiful and inviting while the private side should be tidy and comfortable. Dirty or messy restrooms or dressing rooms is a negative reflection on your business.

If a dressing room is dirty, a customer might not want to try anything on. If the bathroom is dirty, they might leave after using it. Clean facilities make your customers feel calm and at ease.

The Importance of Clean Windows

A largely unappreciated aspect of maintaining a store is cleaning the windows. Dirty windows affect both the interior and the exterior of your store. It is not only unappealing and distracting, but you may be surprised how spotless windows play a very important role in the success of a Louisville, KY area retail shop.

Window Shopping Makes Sales

You may be surprised how many purchases are made before a customer even sets foot in the building. Windows show people what is available and entices them to come through your door to find what they see in the window.

Peering into storefront windows brings in customers. If your windows are dirty, foggy, or in poor condition, customers will likely keep walking.

Increase Productivity

Natural light has been shown to improve the mood and productivity of individuals, including employees. By increasing the natural light by removing dust and dirt from the windows, the overall feeling of the space is elevated. The displays are brighter, and the products more appealing which is motivating to both employees and buyers.

Window Value

Windows are an important investment, and over time they can begin to decay, particularly if your store is in an older part of town. If left unattended, dirt, dust, moisture, and mold stays on the windows and causes them to wear down more quickly.

Without properly maintaining your store’s windows, you will most likely need a complete replacement which is costly and can close business completely for a period of time costing you money, sales, and potential customers.

It’s About Time for Professional Retail Store Cleaning

Whether you run a corner bookshop or a designer boutique, shopping is about comfort. A comfortable space makes people spend more time in the store, increasing overall sales.

A messy store makes people feel uneasy, and they tend to leave without actually looking at the products available whereas a clean store will have visitors who are more likely to continue browsing. People always prefer to spend more time in a space that is inviting and comfortable.

The inviting element of a tidy space gets the shopping process moving. The way the customer feels in your store is the same way they will feel about your products and your brand even after they have gone.

Retail store cleaning should not be taken for granted, it might just be the ticket to turning your sales upside down and creating bigger profits than you ever have. Few people understand the power of retail cleaning, but those who do use professional janitorial services to ensure their customers have an unmatched experience they won’t find anywhere else.

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